Biography of Artur Vasilevich

Artur Vasilevich was born in 1964 in Mosty, Belarus

Since 1995 - resides in Ohio, USA
1991-1994 - PhD in Painting and Monumental Art, State Fine Art Academy, Minsk,
Belarus. Graduate Advisor - Michael Savitski
1985-1990 - MFA in Painting and Monumental Art, Belarusian State Art
Academy, Minsk, Belarus
- studied techniques of mural, fresco, mosaic, stained glass, glaze painting
on ceramic tiles, limestone curving, egg tempera, wax, oil, and watercolor
1976-1982 - BFA in Painting, Art School for Gifted Children, Minsk, Belarus

Public and Private Art Commissions:

2008 - Stained glass windows for Mother of God of Zyrovicy Church in Strongsville, OH
2007 – 2008 - Composition of painted sculptures, 2020 Center Rd, Cleveland, OH
2007 - Mural on canvas “Meditation Evening” (170X56 inches) Carmel, CA, USA
2006 - Mural on 3-4 stories barrel ceiling (128 sq. feet) Westlake, OH, USA
2005 - Mural on the wall “Underwater World” (230 sq. feet) Columbus, OH

2001 – 2005 - Mural (650 sq. feet) “Fauna and Flora” Belli’s dental office, Kent, OH
- Mural on the frieze of the “Johnny’s-bistro”(212 sq. feet), downtown,
Cleveland, OH
- Murals on ceiling “Fight with tiger”, “Three graces” (total – 120sq.feet)
Bratenahl, OH
- Mural painting “Dreams of Chechen Itza” for spring National City
Home and Garden Show (100 sq. feet)
- Mural “Open window” (120 sq. feet), Pepper Pike, OH
- Mural “Lake Erie” (420 sq. feet), Chesterland, OH
- Mural on ceiling “Good vs. evil” (450 sq. feet) – includes more than
100 figures Bratenahl, OH

2000 - Stained glass window (45 sq. feet) inside-outside view in Mother of God of
Zyrovicy Church, Strongsville, OH

1997 - Won a mural competition and made mural painting “Celebration of
Cleveland” (20x35 feet) in Downtown Cleveland, OH

1995 – 1996 - The altar parts “Our Lady of Mf. Cormel Church”-460 sq. feet, gold, leaf,
Oil, Wyandotte, Michigan, USA
- The altar part of Greece Orthodox Church “Mother of God”, “Two
Angels” (490 sq. feet), acrylic, canvas Detroit, Michigan
1991 – 1994 - Stained-glass windows in National State Library, Minsk, Belarus– 320 sq. feet

1990 - Fresco on ceiling & walls of District Health Center “Hymn of Beauty”
commissioned by City Council of Minsk - 790 sq. feet;
- Mural on ceramic tiles “Memento Mori” 80 hand-painted ceramic tiles

1989 – 1987 - Lime stone “Seasons” on facade of district agriculture center, Kobrin,
Belarus, 1770 sq. feet, 3 levels color lime carving
- Lime stone “Night Rendezvous” of the lobby of district cultural center,
Kobrin, Belarus, 550 sq.feet, 3 levels color lime carving
- Lime stone “Fauna and Flora” in Children Recreation Center Belarus
commissioned by Lithuanian Ministry of Health, Druskeninkaj
Lithuania, 390 sq.feet, 3 levels color lime carving
- Lime stone “Folk traditions”,Cultural Center,Grodno, Belarus
1076 sq. feet, 3 levels color lime carving

Sculpture and Architecture:

2008 - Sculptures, 2020 Center Rd, Cleveland, OH
1994 – 1995 - Restoration of XYI-XIX century churches in Germany by invitation of
German-Polish restoration company EXIM.
1990 - A stone monument on the East Cemetery, Baranovichi, Belarus, 2x3x1 feet
1988 - An architectural and sculptural composition at a Cultural Center
commissioned by of Grodno Council, Belarus – 30x30x30 sq. feet, natural
stone, mosaic, copper.
1987 - Five wood sculptures outside of Children Garden, Minsk, Belarus, 8x1x1 each

Selected Exhibitions:

2002-2008 - WKY- TV (Channel 3), Cleveland, OH, USA

2007 - Personal Show Watercolor, “Opus Gallery”, Pepper Pike, OH, USA
2003 - World Trade Center Site Competition, LMDC, New York, NY, USA
2006 - Selected Show, Long Beach Art, CA, USA
2005 - Selected Show, Peninsula Museum of Art, Belmont, CA, USA
- Selected Show, Organization of Independent Artists, New York, NY
- Selected Show, Salon International, San Antonio, TX, USA
2004 - Selected Show, Peninsula Museum of Art, Belmont, CA, USA
- Selected Show, Avalanche Gallery, New York, NY, USA

2002-2006 - Gallery Carla, Gallery, San Francisco, CA, USA
- Gallery Grand, Watercolor Show, New York, NY, USA
- Brenda Kroose Gallery, Cleveland, OH, USA
- Griffon Gallery; Cellura designs Inc, Cleveland, OH, USA
- Blue Moon Gallery, Cleveland, OH, USA
- Gallery “D’Jonout”, Gallery Opus, Pepper Pike, OH, USA
- Gallery Spaces, Cleveland, OH, USA
- TV – channel 8 News, -channel 5 News, channel 3 News

1999 - International Competition “Millennium 2000”, sponsored “Windsor & Newton”
1997 - Personal Show “Eddie Moved” Gallery, OH, USA

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