Biography of Lana Trumm

Lana Trumm was born on February 14, 1967 near Irkutsk in Southern Siberia.  
From childhood, she was interested in the visual arts, music and dance.
In 1987 she graduated with honors from the Academy of Ballet in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

At the age of 25, Lana dedicated more time to her passion for painting. At the same time
she proceeded with her dance career and became a leading dancer for the St. Petersburg
Music Hall.

In 1996 she arrived in the United States and lived for a short time in Branson, Missouri.
There Lana worked with the dance troupe of the famous Russian comedian Yakov Smirnov.

At this time Lana has retired from dancing and spends more time painting and exhibiting
her work. She currently resides in San Francisco.


2008 - Gallery 560, San Francisco, CA
2008 – Hilton Hotel, San Francisco, CA
2006 – Gallery 560, San Francisco, CA
2005 – Gallery “ Paris “, Palo Alto, CA
2003 – Back Stage Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2001 – Studio 33, Sausalito, CA
2001 – Vignettes Gallery, Las Vegas, NV