Biography of Shiller Yuri

Yuri Shiller was born on May 5th, 1957 in Leningrad (St. Petersburg), Russia.
In 1996 moved to San Francisco, USA

In 1965 he entered the Astrakhan Art School for Gifted Children.

Since his early years at school, Yuri participated in numerous children's exhibitions in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Graduating from the children's Art School in 1975, Shiller moved to St. Petersburg to live and to study at the prestigious
Academy of Fine Arts named after Repin, St. Petersburg, Russia

In later years, Yuri became unhappy with the traditional approach to art at the Repin Academy and while studying there
he joined the group of young artists who had a different approach to the concept of art.

Since 1985, Shiller has participated in more than 20 experimental art exhibitions, as well as unofficial art shows.
After a 1990 personal exhibition in St. Petersburg which was a great success, Shiller received numerous offers from
galleries in Europe for solo shows.

Since 1990, Shiller has had several international exhibitions in Germany, France and the United States. His works have
been acquired by collectors from all over the world and exhibited at many prestigious galleries and museums.


1990 - "Unofficial Art", St. Petersburg
1990 - "Genius and Mad", Gallery Malaya Gruzinskaya, 28, Moscow
1991 - "Crazy", International Trading Center, Moscow
1991 - One-man exhibition in Germany
1992 - 25th Anniversary, Unofficial Art, Moscow, Manezh
1992 - International "Avante-garde", Paris, France
1992 - "Golden Brush, Academy of Art, Moscow
1993 - One-man exhibition in Kuznetsky Most Gallery, Artist's Union
1993 - 1st Place Prize in a competition of "Former Soviet Union Artists"
1994 - One-man exhibition in San Francisco, East-West Gallery
1994 - One-man exhibition in Riga, Latvia at the Festival of Avante Garde Movies
1994 - Participation in the most important exhibitions and auctions of Russia
1996 - San Francisco Art Exchange, USA
1999 - Svanson Gallery, San Francisco, USA
2001 - Studio 33, Sausalito, CA, USA
2005 - Vignettes Gallery, Las Vegas, NV, USA
2008 - Gallery 560, San Francisco, USA
2010 - Mishin Fine Arts, San Francisco, USA