Biography of Fran Recacha


“Art is a rationale, a way to communicate and expose all sorts of ideas but under certain conditions and 
formal aesthetic. My work is expressed through a figurative language that looks to the past with the
intention to learn from the great masters and work in a consistent technique but with a contemporary
view. Sometimes, it will be conceptually complex but always aesthetically open to most viewers. To build
something of value requires the observation and study of the objects, landscapes and figures. The proper
use of form, light, color and perspective are essential to achieve a personal plastic language, clear
and visually powerful.”

Fran Recacha was born in Badalona (Barcelona), Spain in 1976. He studied Arts and Crafts in Pau Gargallo
school at Badalona, Barcelona. In 2001, he was degree in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona
in 2001. Since then he has exhibited in various galleries and art centers of Spain, Andorra, France and UK,
and their work is numerous private collections all over.


A Gallery – Wimbledon, London, UK.
Art Du Temps Gallery – Cleon d’Andran, France.
Castillo de Cornell de Llobregat – Barcelona, Spain.
Centro Cultura Antiguo Instituto de Gijn – Spain.
Centro Cultural Castel Ruiz – Tudela, Navarra, Spain.
Centro de Arte Moderno Ciudad de Oviedo – Spain.
Centro Municipal de Arte y Exposiciones de Avils – Spain.
El Tacto ECH – Madrid, Spain.
Galeria Bruna – Barcelona, Spain.
Galeria Carme Espinet – Barcelona, Spain.
Galeria Clave – Murcia, Spain.
Galeria D’Ara – Igualada, Barcelona, Spain.
Galeria Kalis – Barcelona, Spain.
Galeria Mirando al Mar – Murcia, Spain.
Galeria Mito – Barcelona, Spain.
Galeria OB-ART – Barcelona, Spain.
Galeria Safia – Barcelona, Spain.
Galeria Uranga – Bilbao, Spain.
Galeria Val i 30 – Valencia, Spain.
Gremio de Constructores de Obras – Barcelona, Spain.
Monastir de Vilabertrin – Girona, Spain.
Museo Diocesano – Terni, Italy.
Pilar Riberaigua Gallery – Andorra.
Sala Paris – Barcelona, Spain.
Sala Vinion – Barcelona, Spain.


1st Prize Sculpture of the 4th biennial “Fundacin Pedro Ferrindiz” (together with Carmen Giraldez).

1st Prize Painting of the “Gremio de Constructores de Barcelona