Biography of Olga Porter


Olga Porter is a Russian-born artist. She graduated from the Mukhina School of Art and Design in St. Petersburg, Russia.
In the USA she studied life drawing and painting in California and Texas, including at the Glassell School of Art in Houston.
Currently a resident of Houston, Olga frequently takes painting trips in the US and abroad.

The subjects of Porter′s paintings are cityscapes and the human form. Her work is distinguished by forceful gestural marks,
light abstraction, occasional displacement of elements and play with proportion. Porter has exhibited in Arizona, Oregon and
Texas, including Texas Biennial 2009, ALH Celebration of Texas Art 2010, Hunting Art Prize show 2010 and 2011, and Best
of Texas 2011.

Olga  also holds a Master of Arts in simultaneous interpretation of Russian and English and occasionally interprets at international
conferences, mostly related to NASA and aerospace.

Olga Porter: "I am inspired by living, moving scenes. Shapes and forms stay suggested and open, leaving room for the viewer's
interpretation. My intent is to capture experience, a state of mind, rather than a mere likeness. What is impossible in real life
becomes visually essential."