Biography of Mikhailova Liza

Elizaveta (Lisa) Mikhailova was born in 1969 in Saint Petersburg, Russia

1981-1987 - studied at School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, St. Petersburg, Russia
1987-1995 - studied at the Academy of Fine Arts named after I. Repin, St. Petersburg, Russia
- the artist's graduate advisor was Dr. Eduard Kochergin, St. Petersburg, Russia
In 1990 - participated in the exhibition-symposium of the Academy of Arts,
Lake Constance, Germany
1991-1993 - travelled in Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg,
Holland, France, Italy, Sicily, Spain, Portugal, and Andorra)
Since 1996 - member of National Artists' Assosiation, Russia

The works are in the following Museums and Private Collections:

- State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia
- Private collections in Belgium, England, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland,
Italy, Luxembourg, RSA, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, USA

Personal Exhibitions:

2007 - Government of Moscow, Moscow, Russia
2005 - Jamhall Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia

2003-2001 - Karstad, Sweden
- Torsby, Sweden
- Daimler Stadion, Stuttgart, Germany
- Gallery SPAS, Saint Petersburg, Russia
- Gallery Palitra, Saint Petersburg, Russia
2004-2002 - Silbernetz Gallery, Stuttgart, Germany
2001-2000 - Insurance Company "Russian World",
St. Petersburg, Russia
2000 - Nordic St. Petersburg, dedicated to the 90th anniversary
of the Swedish Society, Swedish Council of Ministers,
Petersburg, Russia
- The Russian-German Centre, St. Petersburg, Russia
- Nordic St. Petersburg and My St. Petersburg, Akhmatova
Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
- My St. Petersburg, Gallery Na Bastionnoi, Pskov, Russia
- My St. Petersburg, the St. Petersburg Union of Journalists, Russia
- Russian World Insurance Company, St. Petersburg, Russia
1999 - Ismailoff, St. Petersburg, Russia
- The St.Petersburg City Centre Nevograf (15 oils, 20
costume designs for various stage productions), Russia
- Gallery of Mikhailov, St. Petersburg, Russia
1997 - Hypo-Bank, Munich, Germany
1996 - Christmas at the St. Petersburg Union of Artists, Russia
- Тurgenev Association, Baden-Baden, Germany
- Carnival in Venice and Commedia dell'Arte, Нeddesheim, Germany
- Feinkost Fritz, Baden-Baden, Germany
- Fascinated Places in Europe, Baden-Baden, Germany
1995 - Gallery Joppolo, Stuttgart, Germany
1992 - Reggio Calabria, Italy
- Кunsthaus Fischer, Stuttgart, Germany
1991 - Bodman am Bodensee – Lake Constance, Germany

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2006 - Amsterdam, Holland
2005 - Santa Fe, USA
2004 - The Fall Bienalle of St. Petersburg Artists' Union
2003 - 300th Anniversary of St. Petersburg, Gouda, Amsterdam , Holland
2003 - International Book Fair, Frankfurt (photo, lomography), Germany
- International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Florence, Italy
- St. George Cathedral, Stuttgart, Germany
2001 - Johannesburg (RSA), organized by the Russian Ministry of
Foreign Affairs, USA
2001 - St. Petersburg – Moscow , the Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow
2001 - Johannesburg, RSA, Pegasus Gallery, USA
2000 - All St. Petersburg, the Central Exhibition Hall Мanege,
St. Petersburg, Russia
- A passer-by is looking for spring, National Centre Gallery,
St. Petersburg, Russia
- Russian Embassy in Dublin, Ireland
- St. Petersburg – Moscow, Central Exhibition Hall Manege,
St. Petersburg, Russia
- Grand Hotel Europe, St. Petersburg, Russia
1999 - Start, along with the union "We", in the Guild of Masters
Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
- Last Autumn, along with the union "We", in the
Dostoyevsky Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
1998 - Jubilee, Central Exhibition Hall Manege, St.
- Young Stage Designers, Final-year Students,
the St. Petersburg Theatrical Union, Russia
1997 - Art International, Baden-Baden, Germany
1996 - Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Hamburg, Germany
1995 - Best Diplomas, St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Art,
St. Petersburg, Russia